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Built for Business – Designed for Work!

We are proud Palestinian work-space providers, found upon the concept of building an integrated workplaces network for like-minded professionals in Palestine. Our understanding of the local business nature makes presenting and maintaining affordable, premium workplace solutions our main purpose.

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Our Membership Plans

Different businesses have different needs, that’s why our plans are about what works for you. Between running small projects here and there, to settling down at our space and carrying out a full operation. We’ve got a list of plans to fit your needs and budget.

Small Business

Lockable, enclosed offices to accommodate your team. All inclusive custom layout of your choice, with desks, chairs, coffee tables, and filing cabinets. Get your business listed in our facility directory.


Small Business
Home Based Business

Keep your home address private. Portray your business in the best possible location and provide your customers with a professional address. Another way to equip your business with a new marker location.


Small Business

Keep your show going on at all time. Choose your own workstation with a storage unit, set up your gear and get working whenever you like.



Small Business

Maximize your ability to get things done. You and your laptop, at the hotdesk, lounge, kitchen, or anywhere in the open. Get connected to a network of ideas and projects within a professional atmosphere.


Hourly Booked Conference Room

Use our Conference room for presentations, interviews, client pitches or training for your company. Catering, coffee service, projection equipment, and other services are available to ensure you have everything you need for your meeting. Just show up and get started.

Warm & Welcoming,
Fully Equipped Office Space

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Membership Benefits

What You Need To Make It Happen

Our space is designed to help you get things done by like-minded professionals. The office is fully stocked, fully equipped with whatever your operation needs to keep going.


Offering a fully serviced office space to run your business as simply and efficiently as possible, within one easy, tenant-friendly rent payment...

Central Location

Establish your business in a prime location. Situated at the heart of the vibrant Ramallah City Center.Your office space is within easy reach to...

Furnished Offices

Work in a compelling atmosphere with fully furnished offices including desks, chairs, coffee tables, filing cabinets and artwork.

High Speed Internet

Whether its a group call, video conference, a VoIP call, or your normal internet browsing. Our facility has the infrastructure to cover all your...

Conference Room

Book your meeting at our conference room, optimal for presentations, interviews, client pitches or for training your staff. Catering, coffee...

Free Hotdesks

Have the flexibility to select where you sit every day in our open office areas. Equipped desk to host you and your gear when you need it.  Book...

Dedicated Workstations

Each of our dedicated personal workstations includes a desk, a chair, lockable storage cabinet and a LAN internet connection. Setup your gear and...

Tech Support

Our on-site technical staff is available to provide you with the support you need when you need it, if you’re not tech savvy no need to worry We...

Online Booking

Book a room or a desk via our online portal in advance. You can also make changes or post any special requirements to you reservations.

Mail Handling

Always have someone to send, receive, record and or dispatch your letters or packages when you’re not around. Incoming and outgoing mail...

Free Drinks

Our kitchen is fully stocked with different kinds of snacks, fruits, hot and cold soft beverages. Feel free to enjoy any of the shared items.

Community Access

Become a part of an energetic like-minded community to start sharing experiences, ideas and even collaborate on projects. Get invited to special...

Print & Photocopy

Have your hard-copy documents always ready. Our office is equipped with a main and backup business class printer, scanner and photocopier always...


Meet With Friends, Make New Connections

A defined workplace where diverse groups of professionals and their businesses interconnect and work together in a shared, communal setting. Make yourself and your business a part of a workplace you cherish.
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