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Official Statement – COVID-19 Emergency

Latest Update: 2020-04-12

This post acts as our official statement on the current COVID-19 Public health emergency. The post will be updated regularly with the latest information available on what we’re doing to navigate through this emergency.

Any future actions or decision, will consider the health and safety of our members and staff, our top priority. We also remain committed to serve our clients in the safest and most effective way possible during these challenging times.

As we are monitoring the global and local situation closely, we are taking the necessary precautions to insure the highest standard of health and safety on and off site.

  • Compliance.
    As a Palestinian company, we will be fully complying with the instructions and regulations of the City of Ramallah Governor office. While also following the industry best practices recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO), along with complying to Ramallah Municipality recommended building health and safety standards. We are also in touch with our landlord for that matter.
  • Response to Infections.
    As to be prepared for any infection of members or staff. We are partnering with disease control and disinfection agency for building deep disinfection in such case. In such incident, a building closure might take place, depending on the severity of the situation.
  • Precautionary Measures.
    Following the Ministry of Health, and World Health Organization (WHO) instructions, We are ramping up the housekeeping efforts, with the following actions:
  • 1- More frequent sterilization of common touch points.
    2- Providing hand sanitation products in common areas.
    3- Provide disinfection tools for members to use on their items.
    4- Limiting the number of people using the office simultaneously.
    5- Providing an illustrated signage of proper hygienic behavior to limit chances of cross contamination.
  • Advisory.
    We reach out for our members, through all available means of communication, to STAY HOME if showing any symptoms of sickness of any kind. Also we encourage any member to notify us immediately if they become aware of any individual in the building who may have been exposed to, or is confirmed positive for, coronavirus.

Building Closure Updates.
As we are taking into consideration the recommended social distancing instructions, the building access availability will be subject to change, based on requests from local authorities. This section will show the status of office access, opening hours and other related instructions.
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