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COVID-19 Relief Initiative

This initiative, reflects our efforts at Sidekick Workplaces to stand with our clients during these challenging times. These efforts involve our vendors, landlords and partners, in a collaborative act to provide a sustainable way to meet the office space needs of our clients during any possible lock-down, hardship or economical recession.

If you are a billing or contact person for you company, or have an active membership, the following, are parts of this initiative and how it can be helpful for your business.


  • Closure Period Discounts.
    As everyone is denied office access during building closures, this discount will apply towards the next billing period of any closure. This can help you maintain the current membership plans during closure periods, without having to go through a cancellation process, as the cost of days without access gets minimized. All membership plans are eligible for such a discount. Please contact your community manager for more information on the discounted amount for the next billing period of the last building closure.
  • Free Meeting Room credits.
    All clients with an active plan will enjoy a monthly 10-hour meeting room credits. Along with its usual uses, the meeting room can also be used as a private working space that can help with social distancing. You can check your available credits here.
  • Discounted Upgrades.
    All our plans will have a discount rate during this emergency period. This can be helpful if you are looking to upgrade your current membership plan to better suit your office space needs. For more information about upgrade discounts, communicate with your community manager for a discount list on the desired upgrades.
  • Facility Readiness.
    The office space will be in top condition and ready at all times, operating for the regular opening hours prior to any closure period. As avoiding any operational delays prior to building closures will increase the amount of time where members can access the office space. So once the closure period ends, the office will be available right away.

If you have any question about your account, our team continue to be on hand to assist you. Alternatively, you can log into your online account and contact us through the help section.