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As we are resuming our daily operations as usual, it is our utmost priority to maintain the highest standards of health and safety for everyone.
For that reason and while taking into considerations the nature of our facility, best practices recommended by the WHO and the Palestinian Ministry of Health. We are including the following precautions and measure as part of house rules.

Members should expect everyone using the facility to follow these instructions.


Precautionary Instructions:

  • Face Mask Policy: 
    All personnel required to wear a face mask indoors, at all time.
  • Visitors & Guests:
    Guests are welcome. Also its the members responsibility to make sure their guests are following the health and safety instructions listed herein.
    *All members required to register their guests, either using the members portal | Visitors Tab, or the front desk Registration Form.
  • Conference Room Limitations:
    A maximum of four (4) people are allowed in conference room at any given time.
  • Hot Desk Booking: 
    Members on Flexible Desk plans required to book their desk ahead of time, as the number of occupants using the office is limited to help ease the practice of social distancing.
  • Smoking Free Building: To help maintain the highest air quality indoors, currently smoking is not allowed inside the building. Smoking is only allowed outside of the main entrance.

For suggesting additional measure or reminders. Or if you find any of the instructions confusing. Do not hesitate to contact us at any time. We would love to hear from you.

Sidekick Workplaces Covid-19 Response

Information and resources, to help everyone better cope with the current challenging situation.

In terms of office use, precautions, closures and opening hours. Please check our announcements section for the latest updates.